My Approach to Yoga

As a life-long dancer and a practicing yoga student for over a decade, I consider myself, within the context of my professional yoga work, to be more aligned with the title, ‘Movement Facilitator’.

I have spent several years studying Yoga from western teachers and received a 200 hour teacher training certification within the lineage of Vinyasa. However, I approach Yoga with an awareness of how globalization and the internet has appropriated and shaped what most people consider as Yoga. Out of respect to the yoga masters in India and to the yogis who have studied for years under these teachers, I refer to my work and teachings as ‘yoga-inspired’.

Private or Small Group Sessions

In a private session, I guide individuals through yoga inspired postures and sequences that are meshed with somatic techniques, therapeutics, and anatomy lessons. As a movement artist, I approach technique in creative and unconventional ways. I work with lots of props likes blocks, straps, pillows, blankets or whatever else I can find in the moment. Every session is new and different. After a short consultation I customize a practice that is healthy and personal. At the beginning of every session I open up space for requests or needs.

Ex. “Marlee, my lower back is achin’ “
“I really want to touch my toes”
“I had surgery on my left knee and now my right knee is F@%#$ up”

Or, one could say, “I just want to move and stretch” and I will take it from there.

My intention is for the individual to develop a deeper relationship to their body and explore beyond their presumed physical capabilities. The core of what I teach is meant to strengthen, lengthen, and align the body with the heart, mind and breath.

Aside from my lovely company and sweet moves within a session, I also offer hands-on assists and adjustments that enhance postures and support a deepening into the body. My hope is that after a session, one feels the same way after getting a shiatsu massage, or seeing the chiropractor, or visiting the acupuncturist. I do take my work seriously, however, I myself do not like to be too serious. My goal is to create a safe space that is open, playful and respectful.

I work with all body types and abilities. After consultation, if working together doesn’t feel like a match I will try to find another teacher or therapist that may be best for one’s needs.

If you are ready to start your movement practice or have further questions  contact me.


Movement for the Morning

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45 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa

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20 Minute Flow

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