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Movement for the Morning

Movement for the Morning 719 404 marleeweinberg

7 Minutes I offer this simple sequence of movement that is best to do before bed or upon waking up.  Often times when I am making coffee in the morning, still in the haze of dreams, I find myself moving through this sequence subconsciously waking up my body and mind. Find a chair or counter…

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45 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa

45 Minute Intermediate Vinyasa 1024 576 marleeweinberg

A Vinyasa Flow for an intermediate practitioner. This sequence works to lengthen and engage the  the sides of the body and upper chest with the intention of moving into revolved postures and back bends. The legs and hips are also considered in the flow with several forward folds, lunges, and hip stretches. This 45 minute,…

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20 Minute Flow

20 Minute Flow 1024 576 marleeweinberg

This is a nice 20 minute stretch that is a little faster than a typical ‘restorative stretch’ practice. The sequence starts in a standing postures with the first 10 minutes working on standing postures like forward folds, downdog, extending side angle and various lunges. The second half of the practice works into supine and seated…

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